Arranging to have a Custom 360 Overlay Virtual Tour

Arranging for this, you must have a Google Maps Virtual Tour in order to create a custom 360 Tour Overlay, setting a time and date that suits you to visit your business to carry out the required photography. Once complete we process all of the imagery and upload to Google’s servers where we then create the navigation for your Street View Virtual Tour before then publishing it to Google Maps. Your Virtual Tour is then available via Google Maps as directly through the Street View interface. Then and only then you may request to have a custom overlay 360 Virtual Tour done for your business by a Certified Photographer.



Benefits & Highlights of a Custom 360 Overlay Virtual Tour:

Stand out on search results by adding a business logo with navigation links, tabs to different sections of the business, external links, online store/products. Hotspots to “Buy Now”, “Click to visit”, “More info”, “Book an Appointment” and more.

–  Add special hotspot icons with links: “Buy Now”, “Click to visit”, “More info”, “Book an Appointment”, and anything else you have in mind!
–  For hotels/resorts: links to featured suits, common areas such as spa and pool, links to the reservation page.
–  For stores: links to different areas of the store/products/service page, locations, online. Connect the overlay tour to your website.
 –  Feature the overlay tour on social media.
 –  E-mail the overlay tour to potential and existing customers and include it in your e-mail signature.
 –  Include the overlay tour in advertising/promotions.
 –  The overlay will not be visible on Google but can be embedded into your website/social media/e-mails/advertising.
 –  You can also connect your overlay tour to a domain name and use it as an independent website, also as part of your tour we’ll upgrade it to a wonderful marketing tool and we’ll give you a great advantage over your competitors!

Stand Out in Search Results with a Custom Overlay Virtual Tour

 When anyone searches online is great to have a Custom Overlay Virtual Tour

Having a business Overlay Interactive Virtual Tour will also give your customers the ability to visit your business online, potential customers can ‘See Inside’ your business, have more information available to them. Which do you think they are more likely to visit? 

We are happy to offer you virtual tours overlay that will provide your customers with the ability to visit your business online, view the different sections of your business and even go directly to your booking system/orders/reservations/online store/registration. Also have hotspots POVs, where you can pin point details and information of an specific item being showcased within that POV (point of view) photo of the Overlay Virtual Tour, and also having a VR Feature (Virtual Reality)  by using an special VR 3D headset to have an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

We build your online presence, which is one of the most effective marketing tools available. Today, the majority of people use the internet to search for information when they are thinking of buying any type of product, hiring a service, or looking for a facility. Adding interaction to your Google Virtual Tour means potential customers will reach you faster, and give you superior status over the competition. In our current economic atmosphere, it’s important that you ensure potential customers and clients choose you over the competition. Adding an Overlay to your Google 360 Virtual Tour can assist in that goal.

If you don’t have a Google Virtual Tour yet, no worries! We create high-definition (HD) full-screen interactive Virtual Tours for any business around the globe and will be happy to assist you with creating an outstanding tour for your business at anytime when you are ready. An Overlay Interactive Virtual Tour enhances your business listings online to reach new customers and increase revenue!

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